Halloween “Mantle”


Sometimes I dream of mantles – big, chunky wood mantles with plenty of room for decor and fresh flowers and pictures…. Alas, for me it’s just a dream right now. And perhaps for many of you too. I don’t have a fireplace. My wonderful and adorable starter home is just that: starter. Like anyone buying their first home, we had to make compromises – for a great price we swapped out a garage, a fireplace, and an extra bathroom. WE LOVE OUR HOUSE, but of course these small things would make it better. One day when we need more space, we might be able to have these things, but in the meantime, we make do. We built a big shed. We are mighty space savers and time-coordinators in our one bathroom. And I tszuj up an antique dresser every season and pretend it’s a mantle.

One of my biggest woes in the living room is electronics. I hate them. And we have many. They aren’t nice to look at. So I hide them whenever possible. I’m still working on a solution for the cords. Ugh. Holy first-world problem, heh? Lol. Forgive me.

Here is my Halloween “Mantle”:




I’m obsessed with this skull pillar & faux candle. It lights up and flickers: perfectly spooky.


All of the decorative items on this “mantle” were bought on the cheap. I raid Homegoods the day after Halloween every year in search for some super discounted goodies. Then the following year I get to be surprised by what I bought and put away. It’s pretty grand. Like finding cash in your Winter jacket when you wear it for the first time. You get it.

I hope you’ll be inspired to make your own “mantle”, fireplace or not. It’s not hard to do and it makes your space frighteningly festive. OK, I’ll stop.

Thanks for stopping by!


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