2018 Intentions

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The root word of resolution is resolve. To resolve is (1) to settle or find a solution to a problem or contentious matter or (2) to decide firmly on a course of action. It is a call to action for change. It’s no wonder that millions of people look to this word for inspiration and new beginning.

I am approaching 2018 a bit differently than past years, but with an ultimate goal in mind; self betterment, self-acceptance, self-care. My resolution for 2018 will be to set a positive intention for every week of the year. An intention is a goal to aspire to and it’s purpose is to direct focus or attention. For example; my intention for this week is gratitude. Meaning, my goal for the week will be to aspire toward having more gratitude and this will be my focus.

My hope is that by setting intentions (or a focus) for each week, I will improve my mindfulness, be present, and reconnect more with humanity. 2017 taught me many things, but most poignantly, it taught me that resilience in the human spirit is real and it begins with self love. Where there is self love, there is selflessness. Where there is selflessness, there is kindness. Where there is kindness, there is softening, healing, and positive change. I believe that love and kindness and goodness are contagious. If I give these things to myself, I can give them to others and so on and so forth.

I cannot control the people around me, but I can control myself, my actions and reactions, and what I put into the world/space around me. Change starts within. If I can better myself, I can better the world around me.

“One thing is needed here in our troubled world
of strayed and homeless people:
To take abode
in oneself.
Enter the darkness
and brush the soot
off the lamp, so that
people on the roads
may glimpse a light
in your inhabited eyes.”
-Borli, translated from Norwegian

You have a light inside of you. It lives in you, even in that darkest nights of Winter. Foster it, for light begets light.

Namaste; the light in me honors the light in you.
Happy New Year, dear friends.



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