Apple Butter

I love this stuff. It’s literally Fall in a jar. Even better, it’s super simple to make. I’m lucky enough to get boxes full of apples from my Dad every year because he has a huge apple tree in his yard. We have no idea what kind of apples they are, but they’re fairly tart, which makes them great for cooking.

I like Food In Jar’s Spiced Apple Butter recipe the best. I love how caramelized the apples get after slow cooking in the crockpot for hours. I’m not gonna lie, I totally left the apples in the crockpot for something like 14 hours. The apple butter was even better.

Because I get so many bumped and bruised apples from my Dad, the majority of them go towards apple butter. Remove the bruises, core, toss in the crockpot. You don’t even have to peel them! This year I had 3 crockpots going at the same time, resulting in around 14 pint jars of apple butter. Thank God they make great gifts!

er… 14 minus a few already haha


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