Buffalo Check Pillow Covers


Can you have too much buffalo check??! The answer is no. This magical plaid can cover numerous seasons, including Fall, the Holidays, and all the way through Winter. I love a multitasker.

Naturally, early in the Fall I binge-shopped some flannel fabrics. The Fall plaid won out for my flannel pillow covers, so it’s finally time for the buffalo check to shine. Combined with some vintage zippers my grandmother gave me years ago, this plaid makes for some dreamy cozy pillows.

Buffalo Check Pillow Covers

What you will need:
– 1.5 yards buffalo check flannel (makes 3 pillow covers)
– 18″ zippers (3)
– zipper foot for sewing machine
– The Usual Suspects: sewing machine, thread, scissors

  1. Start out by cutting your fabric into 18″ strips. Follow the pattern to keep your lines straight. You should get 3 even strips.wp-1481204460258.jpg
  2. Take a zipper and place it face down against one short edge of your fabric piece. Pin and straight stitch the edge using your zipper foot.wp-1481204460293.jpg
  3. Turn zipper over so that the front is now exposed. This will make your fabric fold along the seam you just sewed. Sew down the fold (again with the zipper foot here).wp-1481204460313.jpg
  4. Lay your whole fabric down with right side of zipper facing up. Taking the end of the fabric that does not have the zipper, fold it over the rest of the fabric and align it with the exposed edge of the zipper. Pin and straight stitch the edge. You have made a loop.
  5. Turn your loop right side out. This will make a fold in your fabric along the zipper side that you just straight stitched. Straight stitch this fold down, just as you did on the other side of the zipper.
  6. Turn your loop inside out again. You are going to close up the last two edges. But first, pick where you would like your sipper to fall on your pillow; in the middle, more to one side, etc. Once you have decided, pin your edges closed.

    I chose to have my zipper more towards one edge on this pillow cover. Note: I was NOT sewing at this point, just aligning my edge. Please don’t sew the middle of your pillow cover! haha
  7. Straight stitch your edges closed; give yourself at least a 1/4″ – 1/2″ seam. Be mindful of the zipper – make sure you catch the edges in this seam. But don’t run over the zipper with your needle or it might break.wp-1481204460609.jpg
  8. Unzip your zipper and turn your pillow cover right side out. Slip a pillow in and marvel.wp-1481209476463.jpg


Last year I made some faux fur pillow covers – they increased the falling-asleep-in-front-of-the-tv rate by 200%
This guy also agrees – never too much buff check. Gotta love Christmas Tree Shoppes – found him and that cute car pillow there for less than $15!

Are you making any of your holiday decorations? If so, tell me about them! I love to hear about your projects! Comment below, visit my instagram @craftybridge or follow my page on facebook!

Happy Holidays!

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