Evergreen Garland


I had some extra evergreen boughs left over from making my Christmas Wreath earlier this month. I really like how garland looks on a house or railings or fences… and it smells so good!

Making this garland centers around stringing boughs together by wrapping floral wire around them. It’s as simple as it sounds – don’t make it more complicated than that.  When I did this for the first time it only took me ten minutes and I bugged out a little because I must have been doing something wrong. Right? Nope.

  1. Cut up a bunch of boughs into smaller sprigs.
  2. Then, starting with one bough, tie on the end of your floral wire.
  3. Add a second bough, with the stem behind the end of the first bough, overlapping at least  6 inches. Spiral your wire around the connection  and spiral the wire around and up the bough.
  4. Repeat by adding a third bough to the end of the second bough.
  5. Repeat repeat repeat until you have the length you want. You can go back and add in more sprigs to give it more volume or add other materials, etc. to the existing strand.


II’ll be honest – I might have been a little zealous with the volume… but I’m over it.


My neighbors have this big beautiful Ivy bush that they let me pick from – I feel like the berries make the garland feel so much more special



I hope your home is feeling a little more festive – and I hope you’ll be inspired to try this garland! 9 days left until Christmas and I hope they take their time because I want to soak up this season a little more.

Thanks for stopping by!

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