Faux Fur Stole


Faux fur is everywhere right now. The holiday season encourages a little luxuriating and it may be helping this trend grow. I’m ok with it. On a daily basis you can find me in scrubs, yoga pants, or the rare pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I’m not ashamed, but it is nice to change up the mundane with a little something special. And what a better time to do so than the holidays?

With numerous holiday parties, Christmas gatherings, New Year’s Eve, etc. I have caught myself digging through the closet trying to find outfits that can be reinvigorated or even just passed off as fresh (will they remember I wore this last year?). Each year I inevitably catch myself buying new dresses and outfits while I shop for Christmas presents for other people. It always inflates my budget during a time when the budget is already tight from the holiday itself. Boo.

So in an effort to keep myself from crying so much in January when I’m forced to face my credit card bills, I decided to change it up this year. I’m allowed one new dress or outfit. Then, I have to rethink a couple outfits that I already have by changing them up.

About that faux fur… to stop myself from buying this sweater…


I decided I’d make a faux fur stole/scarf. Plus, I’d be able to move it around to different outfits. Last year I made some great faux fur pillow covers. With the leftover fabric, I made this scarf. Here’s how:

Faux Fur Stole

What you will need:
– 1/2 yard faux fur
– the usual suspects: thread, scissors, sewing machine

Cut your 1/2 yard lengthwise in half. With right sides together, sew both long sides and one short side. Then, turn right side out. Fold edges of open end inward, pin, sew shut.

Optional: About 4 inches from end of scarf, sew ribbon ends to line up with seam. The ribbon will hold the opposite end of the scarf when wrapped around your neck.


Here are a few ways to wear your lovely new faux fur stole this holiday:

Drape in regular cross-over fashion
Drape over one shoulder and secure with a belt – Game of Thrones anyone?
All of those faux fur collars that I keep seeing – now I have my own! (without buying a new jacket). Simply place scarf around neck prior to putting jacket on and fold over collar. Warm, stays in place, and a dead ringer for a fur collar. Boom.

Happy outfit-saving! Cheers!

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