Floral Peace Wreath


Now that it is officially April, I feel a little bit more comfortable saying the word Spring out loud. It would not be the first time, after all, that it could snow in April. I’m not about to start talking about that. Let the decorating and Spring-ing begin!

Two years ago I made this wreath and it is still my absolute favorite. Today I gave it a few touch-ups and hung it on my front door. It still makes me smile. And why not have another little reminder that peace is the most beautiful?

Floral Peace Wreath

What you will need:

  • grapevine wreath
  • assorted big faux flowers
  • assorted faux greens
  • extra sticks (from the yard) or pussywillow branches
  • floral wire
  • twine or string to hang wreath

1. The peace sign is simply made by by putting once branch straight down the middle of the wreath – make sure the branch is longer than the center of the wreath so it sticks into the top and bottom of the wreath. Then take two smaller branches and stick them on either side of the center stick into the wreath. This makes the peace symbol. Secure them to the center stick on their opposing ends with floral wire. I used several branches for this part because mine were very thin and didn’t clearly show the peace sign. I then added pussywillow branches on top.


2. Clip your flowers off their stems, leaving a couple inches of stem to secure them to the wreath.

3. Start positioning your flowers around your wreath. I like to eyeball where they will go before I secure them. Also, start with the biggest ones first and work your way down to smaller flowers and then greenery as space filler.

4. Start sticking the flowers into the wreath. Once you like where they’re positioned, secure them with floral wire.



5. Once you are satisfied with your awesome wreath, tie some string to the top center of the wreath and hang!

Happy Spring!

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Peace, friends.


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