Kombucha Basics: Part 2

So you made your kombucha tea and you’re ready for the next step: Second Fermentation. Cool. This is the fun part. Much less waiting!


Kombucha: Second Fermentation

What you will need:

  • 2-3 pressure-holding glass bottles
    • pop-top bottles, glass bottles with a screw cap, etc. Any glass bottle that can hold pressure.
  • Fruit of your liking
    • try our favorites: mixed berry, peach, or ginger (or a combo!)
  • Kombucha tea
  • Coffee filter or tea strainer
  • Funnel
  • Measuring Cup
  1. Start by adding flavoring to each bottle. I puree fruit with an immersion blender and add it my empty glass bottles.Typically I add about 1/2 to 2/3 cup of pureed fruit. Put them aside.
  2. Take the SCOBY (or multiples) out of your kombucha and put them aside in a bowl. Scoop out 1-2cups of your tea and add it to the SCOBY. That is food to keep your SCOBY alive.
  3. Place your coffee filter in your funnel. I usually have to fold the filter a bit in order to get it to fit. It will still work. Place the funnel into one of your glass bottles.wp-1489930528650.jpg
  4. Scoop tea into the filter and slowly strain your tea into your glass bottles. You made need to replace the filter a few times as it gets clogged up with yeast bits.  It’s all good.wp-1489930528665.jpg
  5. Once you are done straining your tea into bottles, cap them and give them a good shake to disperse the fruit.
    • That fruit helps create a second fermentation. The healthy bacteria and yeast will now eat the sugars in the fruit, creating extra carbonation.
  6. Let these bottles sit on the counter for 2-3 days, popping their tops nightly to release pressure. After a few days the carbonation will get so great, that they might spill over when you pop them. Thats a great sign! Pop them in the fridge to slow further fermentation.wp-1490055391426.jpg
  7. Enjoy over ice!
    • Some say the best time to enjoy your ‘buch is first thing in the morning to ‘prime’ your gut with healthy probiotics. I think it’s great anytime. But don’t go drinking a full bottle a day. Too much of a good thing can upset your stomach too.


To start a new back of ‘buch, simply take your SCOBY and spare tea and repeat the steps outlined in Kombucha Basics: Part 1.

I hope this empowers you to make your own kombucha! Tell me what your favorite flavor combinations are… mine are peach and mixed berry, but I’m always testing new ones!

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Happy ‘Buch Making, friends!

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