Master Bedroom Built-In Drawers

My Dad is a man who finds great value in working with his hands. He gets a lot of satisfaction from creating things and solving problems. He’s from a generation that fixed broken things, didn’t throw them away. I get a lot of my creative drive from him and I couldn’t be more grateful.

My Dad excels in woodworking. He spends his time off of work in the basement ‘making sawdust’, as we used to say when we were kids. He always has a project, whether it’s a piece of furniture for the house, a little wooden box for my trinkets, or something that needs fixing. His most recent project was a set of built-in drawers for our master bedroom. He built the drawers over the last month, complete with dove-tailed joints and soft-closing hinges. He even made room for two electrical outlets!

We installed the drawers over this past weekend by cutting into our little cape’s crawl space – wasted space that was formerly untapped. Once we opened it up, we could push these drawers into the space so their face was flush with the original wall. While the wall was open, we added more insulation and built a frame for the drawers. We then slipped the drawers in, trimmed them out and painted them. We replaced the foot molding and added drawer pulls to finish.

Big hole. Doing some rearranging before starting to put the drawer boxes in.
Squeezing the last drawer box, wrapped in insulation, into it’s slot.
Working on trimming out the cabinets.


I couldn’t be happier with how they came out. They are practical, beautiful, and they improve our use of space more than I could have anticipated. We now have more storage space than our two dressers provided us combined!



Thinking I need a little runner rug here now… hehe


Hubs gets a basket because he has insane amounts of trinkets. Make it a good looking one (husband and/or basket) and even those trinkets are tolerable. 


I used our photos to hide the plugs and wires. It’s an ongooing battle.

For now, I’m trying really hard to keep these shelves with minimal junk on them. I’m glad our surface area is limited because we’re the worst with clutter. Let’s see how long I can keep this up. On the future to-do for this room: new bed with storage underneath, matching nightstands, and a little rug to put in front of these new drawers!

Have any of you guys tried built-in furniture? Would you?

Also, I don’t love this paint color, but I like it a lot better now with the white drawers…. should I keep it? What do you guys think? help!

3 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Built-In Drawers

  1. I am a friend of Bob at work and I have to say you all did a great job. Built in furniture are an excellent idea, because they save floor space and the room looks much bigger. Yet you have a lot of storage space available. I like the white color, because it is a nice off set to the darker green wall color. If you had chosen a light beige wall color, maybe a dark wood stain would have been nicer, but definitely keep the color light as long as you have dark wall colors. Again, it looks very nice, so now I know how to keep Bob busy in his free time – bicycle / car repair and wood working.



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