PB Hack: Painted Pumpkin Pillows


Halloween is over and now that the Halloween decor is gone, my house is a little bare. All that’s left is a couple pumpkins. Thanksgiving is a weird, in-between holiday that I can’t really justify buying decor for.  So I try to have some things that can be used for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but my stash is in it’s infancy.

In October I made some plaid flannel pillow covers – perfect for the entire Fall season. When I went to the store to get flannel for pillow cases, I found a big sale on home décor fabric. Dirt cheap. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it until I stumbled upon pictures of Pottery Barn pillows that I pinned last year. I loved them, but I refused to pay for them.


I wanted to replicate this pillow. Now, I’m not going to claim I have some amazing painting talent, but I knew I could find a template and make a simpler version. Here’s how I did it:

Make a basic envelope pillow cover out of canvas or home décor fabric – I like these fabrics because they’re thick enough to hold their shape and some paint. I used a taupe color but you can use anything warm. Slip a piece of cardboard into your pillow cover.



Either freehand or using a template, draw your pumpkin. Then, paint your pumpkin with acrylic fabric paint. I mixed browns, reds, yellows and bronze to get different shading.




Let dry for 12 hours. Slide out cardboard and replace with pillow. Voila!

That crease in the middle is driving me insane, but it still came out great.




Bridget XOXO

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