Red Pepper Flakes


This past year I accidentally planted two cayenne pepper plants in my garden (they were supposed to be habaneros by I mixed up the plants). Of course, they grew like weeds and I ended up with hundreds of peppers. I had no idea what to do. I made HOTS pepper relish and dried the rest to buy myself time.  I wasn’t up for the challenge of making hot sauce.


It is now months later and I have dozens of dried cayennes. Honestly, they make great decorations, especially for the holidays. They stay bright red! We put a few in chili and a few in olive oil, but I had tons left. The only thing left to do: make red pepper flakes.

Red Pepper Flakes

You will need:
– Cayenne Peppers, dried (I used 75)
– Small containers
– Food processor
– Gloves and mask

Don mask and gloves. Please wear the mask and gloves – this stuff is POTENT. I was sneezing like crazy until I put a mask on. Ergo, these flakes are amazing.


Pull off tops of peppers and discard (compost!)


Break peppers in half and put into food processor.


Blend until small flakes but not powder.


Pour into small containers.


Enjoy, my spicy friends! And go easy… these flakes are a bit more potent than the store bought variety. But they’re organic, have no additives and hardly cost a thing (especially if you grow your own!)


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