Spiced Rumbucha

A kombucha cocktail in honor of my favorite ‘buch drinker, just in time for the cold weather and the Holidays. A little sweet, a little kick, and a lot of cinnamon and spice. It screams Fall. Plus, you still get the probiotic benefits. Win win!


Spiced Rumbucha

1 part spiced rum (with or without grenadine)
3 parts Apple Cider Kombucha
Garnish: cinnamon stick, orange slice

To make your own, use apple cider and a cinnamon stick as your second ferment. Instructions on how to make your own kombucha and the second fermentation are here: Kombucha Basics Part 1 and Kombucha Basics Part 2.

I made this cocktail cold, but I bet it would be divine if it was warmed a bit and enjoyed more like a mulled cider. Mmmmm.

Happy Fall, y’all.


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