Succulent Transplant

I love a little succulent. Who doesn’t? Maybe it’s trendy, or maybe it’s because they’re impossible to kill, but everybody has one or has wanted one. I even got some at a wedding. A friend of mine is a wiz at propagating them (me, not so much). So she gave me a little cluster that needed separating and replanting. Off I went on a little hunt for cute cups or a glass to put them in and I came across these at Five Below.

20170508_113717Hiya. You’ll do. Also note how not-creative this was. Really going outside the box to consider putting a succulent in these. Ha.

20170508_113014Pulled out the styrofoam and fake succulent.

Added a few little rocks to help with drainage because there aren’t any holes in the bottom. Succulents hate too much water, so good drainage is necessary. Also, don’t water much! I do an ice cube a week and mine are happy – of course, it will differ based on your climate.

Added a little soil. Straight from the garden – nothing fancy.

Processed with VSCO with  presetAdded the succulent and a little more soil around the edges. Patted down the soil.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

DONE. Way cuter when it’s real.  What do think?

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