TBT: Pumpkin Beer Collage

Throwback post from October 26, 2015:


This project was a fun start to seasonal crafting. As a typical New England girl, as soon as it was cool enough to put jeans on I headed to Starbucks and got myself a pumpkin latte (though I’m a DD’s girl  at heart) on my way to the liquor store to get some pumpkin beer to drink while watching reruns of Hocus Pocus. Basic. My husband is cringing as he reads this. I just pulled out my riding boots and flannel shirts. FALL IS HERE!!!

Anyways, this easy little project sprung from a need for seasonal decorations for our new-ish house and a large blank spot on our wall. I noticed some cute, overpriced pillows in the Fall Pottery Barn magazine with a pretty watercolor pumpkin on them and thought of painting a similar pumpkin… psh. Not likely to go well. But I did have some pumpkin beer cartons lying around that I’d been saving (cause that’s what crafters do) waiting for a cause. Hence a collage was born… and an awesome, just-as-fun-as-when-you-were-little, but-actually-good-enough-to-put-on-the-wall one at that.


What you will Need:
– poster board (whatever color you want)
– pumpkin beer cartons – at least one per pumpkin wedge
– glue stick
– scissors

1. Drink lots of beer. I started nice and early, avoiding eye contact with the judging glares I got at the start of September when I was already buying the first batches of pumpkin beer. Lucky for you, it’s well into pumpkin beer season now. So stock up and get your husband to help and you can have a great weekend kicking off Fall.

2. Sketch a pumpkin on your poster board with pencil. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Pumpkins are not perfect. They are lumping and asymmetrical. I looked at a picture of a basic pumpkin drawing on my phone while I sketched it out. Make sure to include some fat wedges. I like a plump pumpkin 🙂


3. Cut up some boxes. Leave as many whole pictures and words and phrases that you can. Cut the sides off the insides and put the insides aside (woah). You won’t need them.

4. Collage your pumpkin. I chose to collage each wedge, but feel free to do whatever your heart desires. You can collage the whole thing together or even make a jack-o-lantern if you want!


5. Make a stem out of your scraps — I flipped my scraps over and made the stem out if plain cardboard.


6. Hang it up! I used command strips because I’d like to use it again next year and didn’t want to put a nail in the wall.




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