Flannel Pillow Covers


Fall is a special time of year; a time where I can let my ‘basic’ freak flag fly. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I mean.
[cough * pumpkinspiceflannelshirtsandbeanboots * cough]
I digress. Fall is wonderful. This time of year means slowing down, turning indoors, and spending more (but not too much) time with family. Shorter days give us excuses to do things inside – like the cooking and crafting we neglected all Summer for fun in the sun.

So in the spirit of Fall, I figured it was high time I spiced (no pun intended) up my living room. Summer has left this room neglected, barren and devoid of all effort. I’m OK with that. But now that I actually have to look at it more, I need to fix it.

Cue easiest fix ever: Pillow covers. I have made dozens of these. I have a number of plain white down pillows that I keep swapping covers out on and they couldn’t be easier to customize. Plus, a yard and a half of fabric will get you 3 cases – so you’re literally only paying a couple bucks per pillow cover. Try finding that at Homegoods.

Here’s how to make them:


You will need:

  • Pillow
  • Enough fabric to wrap around pillow  – approximately half yard for 18x18in pillow
  • The usual suspects: thread, pins, sewing machine

Step 1: Wrap fabric around pillow to fit. (alternately you can use an old pillow cover as a template) Make sure you leave enough fabric to overlap 3-5 inches. This will make sure your pillow stays tucked in. Cut your fabric. You will only need one long piece – that’s the beauty of this pillow cover.


Step 2: Finish short ends of fabric with a roll seam. Essentially, fold edge over 1/4 inch, then fold in once more so that raw edge is tucked in and not exposed. This will prevent fraying. Sew with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Step 3: Wrap cover around pillow with wrong side out. Pin ends where you want them – I like mine a little snug.  Slide pillow out.


Step 4: Pin and sew two open ends closed (with pillow cover still inside out) with straight stitch. Then, serge stitch the edge. This will keep edges from fraying.


Step 5: Turn pillow cover right side out and tuck pillow in.


Done. Insta-decorating. Seriously easy and seriously cheap. For these I calculated about $5 per pillow cover. Not too shabby and so flipping cute.




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